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Jiva Grande Spa is proud to announce that we have introduced a new spectacular retail product – Esse Organic Skincare. This amazing range comprises of the best cutting-edge, certified organic products available for the professional skincare market.

Created in 2002 and based on a passion for the chemistry of Africa’s plants, Esse now exports to more than 20 countries and is putting South Africa on the map by highlighting the biodiversity of our African plants and their potential in cutting-edge organic skincare.

Along with the philosophy of doing everything they can to keep their client’s skin healthy and resistant to the aging process, the company also takes a long-term view on skin health, while paying attention to the impact their business has on the world. Esse certifies as both organic and supportive of Fair Trade as they only use plant-based ingredients.

Esse Organic Skincare products are now available at our Jiva Grande Spa, the range includes a variety of cleansers, including a gel cleanser that utilises peppermint and spearmint oils which refresh and improves micro-circulation to aid in the elimination of toxins. For mature or dehydrated skin, a cream mask is available which contains stable and available sources of vitamins A, B, E and C that have been shown to improve skin structure, reduce pigmentation and aid cell regeneration. A selection of toners, moisturisers, treatments and exfoliators are also available as well as hand creams and lip conditioners. For more information on the products, please contact one of our professional specialists on +27 (0) 21 819 2000 or

Taj Cape Town provides luxury accommodation in Cape Town and is home to the luxurious Jiva Grande Spa. Please contact one of our professional therapists’ at for more information or click here to view the Jiva Grande Spa Brochure. Gift Vouchers are available as the ideal Year End or Festive gift and guests will receive 2 additional complimentary vouchers for every ten Jiva Grande Spa vouchers purchased.


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