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Visit the Cosy Cape Town City Bowl Market on Hope

Perfectly placed for Cape Town city residents in the suburb of Gardens, the City Bowl Market on Hope is a paradise for foodies. The stalls gather in the historical building every Thursday from 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm while the market hosts roughly 30 of the best food stalls from around Cape Town. Food of the highest quality, from around the world is on offer to indulge your senses.

Food Made on the Spot

For the foodies who enjoy cuisine made with love, a mouth-watering array of Malay and Durban curries, salads, juices, sliders, paella, nachos, oysters, waffles, hot dogs and sushi are available. Stall owners are masters of their dishes and their food is made from only the best ingredients.

Market on Hope Fresh Produce

At the City Bowl Market on Hope, along with organic produce and lower prices, shoppers can select from the best breads, fish, cheeses, fruit, vegetables and eggs. The produce at this market easily out shines that of the average supermarket.

A Family Outing

To suit the entertainment needs of young and old, City Bowl Market on Hope hosts live music between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm with a different band playing every week. For the kids, the market houses a jungle gym and activities in a safe kids play area.

City Bowl Chic

Once a month market goers can enjoy the fashion market. Lined with an array of jewellery and fashion, the City Bowl Market on Hope is a platform for local community members to showcase and sell their creative products.

The History of 14 Hope Street

The old building in which the City Bowl Market on Hope is hosted has a story of its own. The building saw several of its own transformations. From Zionist Hall and Jehovah’s Witness church to an Indian temple, this building now hosts everything from the City Bowl Market on Hope to Bar Mitzvah’s and dances.

This cosy little City Bowl Market on Hope is only a 7-minute drive away from Taj Cape Town. If you are looking for additional amusement during your stay at Taj Cape Town let us help you fill your time with the best in local entertainment and sightseeing. Simply contact:, or call +27 21 819 2000. To book your stay at the Taj Cape Town, contact:, or call +27 21 819 2000.

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The Twankey Bar, Upping the Ante

This month we’ve unwrapped an old favourite just in time for the holidays! The Twankey Bar, situated in the vibrant Cape Town city centre on the corner of Wale and Adderley Streets, has gone through a revival, a cocktail revival to be exact!

What Makes This Cocktail Menu Different?

Tipping its hat at the pre-prohibition era, where the art of cocktail making was honed, The Twankey Bar has blended the old with the new to bring you an original and hand crafted cocktail menu. Full of premium ingredients and authentic flavours, master Mixologist and head barman AJ Snetler has ensured that every infusion and syrup guests enjoy in their cocktails is freshly crafted right here at The Twankey Bar.

Who is AJ Snetler?

AJ Snetler is a noted Mixologist. Having competed in world class mixology competitions, AJ has gained some notoriety in the cocktail and mixology scene thanks to his passion, hard work, impeccable palate and exceptionally manly facial mane. To add to his growing portfolio is his latest offering, a truly exceptional cocktail menu for The Twankey Bar.

Just to Whet Your Palate

All made from premium spirits, homemade flavourings and organic ingredients, this menu truly pushes the boundaries with its incredible flavour profile. To prepare for the exact moment you get to place your cocktail order, here are a few inspirational suggestions…

The Madam Twankey

This cocktail offers a twist on the White Lady, with refreshing peppermint and mixed berry and is named after the ‘Widow Twankey’, whose statue you will find residing above the entrance to The Twankey Bar. Originally commissioned in 1894 by the Board of Executor’s architect, it was dubbed ‘Widow Twankey’ as it was reminiscent of the female character in the pantomime ‘Aladdin’.

The Wale’s Bones

Named after Wale Street, this cocktail is a full-bodied blend of Don Julio Reposado tequila, the unique flavours of Aperol aperitif and medium cream sherry stirred together and served on the rocks. Full of character and sweet honey citrus notes.

The Spice Route

With an exotic blend of Indian flavours and spicy American Bourbon, this cocktail contains Bulliet Frontier bourbon, shaken with pineapple, cardamom and rose, and a dusting of tonka bean. This cocktail bundles together every flavour we love from the spice route.

The Dutch East Indian Connection

A twist on a Dutch Mule, this spicy classic contains Ketel One vodka, lemongrass and lime cordial topped with ginger beer and a golden milk ice-cream float.

These are just a few of the cocktails on offer; there are many more intriguing cocktails for you to enjoy!

And Don’t Forget The Twankey Bar Food Menu…

Not to be outdone, The Twankey Bar food menu also boasts flavours from the spice route. This is a menu drawn together by an eclectic cornucopia of carefully created tapas style dishes with refined versions of old classics. Choose from dishes such as spiced lamb and blue cheese croquettes, fish and chip sliders and Asian salmon tataki.

The Twankey Bar is inextricably linked to Taj Cape Town. Set in one of the most visited spots in the world, clad in leather, marble and mahogany, The Twankey Bar mirrors the five star luxury of the Taj and continues to impress down to every last detail. Taj Cape Town not only offers luxury accommodation, but it is also home to Bombay Brasserie and Mint, the Local Grill. To make a booking, email  or phone +27 (0) 21 819 2000.





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