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The Best of Cape Town, Just a Stone’s Throw Away

Cape Town is famous the world over, not only for its awe-inspiring scenery but for its cultural diversity and rich heritage. For all its drawcards, Cape Town has one very real flaw – there is simply too much to do. You need more than a weekend, more than a week, maybe even more than a month to fully absorb everything that makes Cape Town so unique and easy to love. This is exactly why we thought it best to compile a list of the top five sights around Cape Town, all of which happen to be just a stone’s throw from Taj Cape Town. Isn’t that convenient?

Red Bus City Sightseeing

As with London’s iconic sightseeing busses, Cape Town has its very own sightseeing bus and it just happens to be one of the best ways to see Cape Town. There are several tours to choose from, each with their own themes, routes and stops. There are 17 stops altogether and the buses run all day every day, with one of the first busses for the City Tour departing as early as 09h00 from the nearby Long Street tour office. Tour goers can choose from 12 tours which offer guided experiences through the Peninsula, Cape Point, Table Mountain, downtown, wine estates, the townships and more.

The Evening Show

Because you can watch a movie anywhere in the world, it’s always better to see a live show when you are visiting a new city. Live music and theatre are your best source of local culture and entertainment after a long day of sightseeing.

The Crypt

For those who have never managed to attend the annual Cape Town Jazz Festival, the Crypt is not only the best live jazz venue in Cape Town, it is also just across the road from the Taj Cape Town.

The Cape Town Magic Club

If you are in the mood for a more theatrical endeavour, the Cape Town Magic Club puts on incredible magic shows at the Cape Town Club every Monday evening at 7 pm and at 9 pm. The talented magicians are guaranteed to baffle audiences with their trickery and smooth moves.

The Fugard Theatre Cape Town

Get transported to another time and place at the Fugard Theatre. With shows on Tuesdays to Saturdays, we highly recommend that you catch a show during your stay in Cape Town. A brief 8-minute walk from the Taj will get you right to the front door of the Fugard Theatre.

The Artscape Theatre

This is a theatre complex which is large enough to house an arena, an opera house, a theatre and open-air theatre – leaving endless possibilities when it comes to epic live performances! At any one time, guests can treat themselves to a musical, a pantomime, an exhibition, a ballet, a play, an opera or even a talent competition.

Cape Town Markets

Markets are a great way to take a relaxing stroll and admire the creativity and ingenuity of our fellow humans. Depending on the type of market you prefer, which day of the week it is and where you are located, there is a market in Cape Town waiting for you to explore it. Find community markets, farmers markets, holistic and lifestyle markets, night markets and more to while away your time in Cape Town.

The Museum Mile

Cape Town’s rich history is nothing to be scoffed at. Mired in wars and slavery, ours is a history to be learnt from rather than repeated. The Museum Mile is the collective name for the network of museums within the Cape Town city bowl. Grouped together are galleries, historical houses, a maritime centre, a planetarium, a castle, the slave lodge and various other museums, each with something unique and interesting to offer. Together these pockets of preserved history map out a description of life in the Cape Town of old.

Table Mountain

Last but not least, of course, is Table Mountain. Not merely for the sake of a cliché, but because the mountain will pull you into its orbit whether you allow it to or not. This unavoidable and magnificent landmass is not only beautiful from the view in your hotel room but it also provides an utterly inspiring view of Cape Town from above. No trip to Cape Town is complete without a bit of time on the mountain and the cable car is one of the best ways to get up there.

With all that is to be seen and done, Cape Town visitors are spoilt for choice. One thing you don’t need to spend time thinking about though is where to stay. Taj Cape Town is dusted with a generous, wall-to-wall coating of luxury and it’s conveniently close to all of the above-mentioned sights and activities. To book accommodation contact:, or call +27 21 819 2000.

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Get a Slice of History at Museum Night in Cape Town

Museum Night in Cape Town is the perfect time to explore the city at night. On Thursday the 20th of April 2017 a variety of Cape Town’s museums will be open from 5 pm until 10 pm for the third annual Museum Night. First Thursdays have collaborated with Iziko Museums to give you the chance to explore the Company’s Garden cultural centres and view exhibitions, shows and performances. With free museum entry, locals and visitors alike are in for an after-hours treat.

Participating Museums

Nine museums will be open and ready to give you an enlightening cultural experience. These are just some of them:

Iziko South African National Gallery

One of South Africa’s most epic art museums, the South African National Gallery houses a range of British, African, South African, Dutch, French and Flemish art. While this gallery continually hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions, it also displays exhibits from their permanent collection. Visitors will view a range of different artistic mediums from paintings and sculpture to beadwork and architecture.

SA Jewish Museum

Not to be mistaken for the Holocaust Centre, this museum was opened in 2000 by Nelson Mandela and Helen Suzman. Founded by philanthropist Mendel Kaplan, this museum is located in South Africa’s synagogue which was built way back in 1863. Watch audio-visual presentations, interactive displays and personal accounts of South African Jewish history.

District Six Museum

Since 1994 the District Six Museum has highlighted the painful struggle people of colour endured during apartheid. Housing a collection of artefacts, historical pieces and visual imagery, this museum shares the heartbreaking experiences of people who were forcibly removed from their homes during the apartheid era.

Iziko South African Museum

Founded in 1825, this museum is, in fact, the country’s oldest. Over the last 192 years, over 1.5 million specimens have been collected to form the museum’s displays. The public is able to see stone tools, ancient fossils meteorite samples and various animal and marine displays. One of the most impressive displays is that of the 20.5-meter blue whale skeleton.

Iziko Slave Lodge

Over the lifespan of this building, it has been referred to as the Slave Lodge, Government Offices Building, the Old Supreme Court and the South African Cultural History Museum. As one of the mother city’s oldest buildings, this is a place where human rights awareness and the history of slavery can be explored.

A Slice of History in Taj Cape Town’s Twankey Bar

Once you have explored every creative, cultural and educational corner of the galleries participating in Museum Night, the best way to unwind is with an artisanal cocktail at the Twankey Bar. Just one of Taj’s exquisite gourmet offerings, The Twankey Bar is situated on the corner of Adderley and Wale Streets just 500 meters away from the Company’s Garden.

A piece of history can be seen above the entrance to the door to the bar in the form of a sculpture of a shepherdess. It was commissioned in 1894 by the Board of Executor’s architect.  The sculpture was not well received by the townsfolk who felt the subject matter was both ridiculous and a waste of money. The shepherdess was thus nicknamed “Widow Twankey” after a then famous pantomime dame. Widow Twankey was first written about in 1861 and her character ran a Chinese laundry in Peking, China. She was a pantomime dame i.e. she was always played by a man and the name has stuck to this day.

For those who are excited to spend more than an evening in the city of Cape Town, Taj Cape Town is the luxury accommodation which eagerly awaits your arrival. Guests and visitors alike can both indulge in more of Taj’s gourmet offerings at Bombay Brasserie and Mint, the Local Grill. To make a booking, email or phone +27 (0) 21 819 2000. To book accommodation contact:, or call +27 21 819 2000.




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