Top Ten Attractions in Cape Town – Part 1

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Discover 5 of Cape Town’s top 10 attractions in this feature on Cape Town’s leading tourism hotspots.

From centuries-old to spanking new, the top tourist attractions in Cape Town are worthy additions to any travel itinerary. Below, discover 5 of the city’s most exciting attractions, and be sure the visit them out during your next trip to the Mother City.

1. The Cape Town Stadium
Once known as the Green Point Stadium, this impressive arena was renamed the Cape Town Stadium following a R4.4-billion makeover that commenced in March 2007. In a highly successful collaboration between local and international architects, the 68,000-seater stadium was completed in 2009, and the breathtaking structure is now ready to host sporting events on a grand scale.

The Cape Town Stadium, with its reflective exterior and advanced design, has drawn much excitement from locals and visitors alike. Against a backdrop of Table Mountain, the arena is a spectacular sight to behold – particularly at night, when its interior spotlights ignite the skyline of the Green Point Common.

2. The V&A Waterfront
The V&A Waterfront is the premier destination for shopping, recreation and dining in Cape Town. Offering exclusive boutiques, restaurants and entertainment venues at the edge of Cape Town’s harbour, the Waterfront is the leading tourist attraction in the Mother City.

The V&A Waterfront is situated between Robben Island and Table Mountain, thus offering both exceptional views and easy access to these other top attractions. Aside from shopping, dining and live entertainment, the Waterfront also offers sea and air charters and tours, trips to Robben Island and Seal Island, the impressive Two Oceans Aquarium, ample parking and the historic Clock Tower, which was built in 1882 and is still working today.

3. Long Street
One of Cape Town’s oldest streets, Long Street is lined with Victorian buildings, eclectic boutiques and a selection of Cape Town’s trendiest nightspots. It’s also one of the best places to find curios, quaint bookshops and pavement cafes, and to experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere for which Cape Town is renowned.

Featuring colourful facades and the authentic architecture of yesteryear, the 3,8km Long Street offers fantastic photographic opportunities to travellers. It’s the ideal place to sample local fare, enjoy Cape Town’s famous nightlife, or simply soak up the unique Cape Town vibe.

4. South African National Gallery
The South African National Gallery is located along the tree-lined Government Avenue, adjacent to the Company Gardens in Cape Town. It features of extensive collections of permanent and temporary exhibitions, and is particularly celebrated for its collections of African, South African, Dutch, Flemish, French and British artworks. The Gallery also showcases a variety of indigenous sculptures, beadworks and crafts.

The South African National Gallery was established in 1871 with just 45 paintings. Today, it showcases one of Africa’s largest collections of local and international artwork. Exhibitions are regularly updated, and temporary collections are frequently showcased.

5. Robben Island Museum
Robben Island, once a site of conflict and incarceration, is today a celebrated museum that highlights the struggles of the past and the success of democracy in South Africa. Situated 12km from Table Bay, the island was used to imprison political prisoners from 1959 to the 1990s – the most famous of whom was Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s former president.

A guided tour of the Robben Island museum is valuable experience for any visitor to the Cape. Tour guides – many of whom are former prisoners themselves – offer riveting insight into the island’s tumultuous past. Tours include return ferry trips to the island, a tour of the now-disused maximum security prison, and a 45-minute bus tour of the island, with commentary.

These and other fascinating Cape Town attractions await you in the Mother City!
Explore these top travel attractions in Cape Town when next you visit the city. Also be sure to peruse part 2 of Top 10 Cape Town Attractions to discover another five of the best tourist attractions in the Mother City.

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